2020 Resolutions and Transitions

Consider the following pertinent information, when you consider yourself a migrating company from the astute individual operator to a more corporate fleet transporter.

1. Your commitment, (in the short term and longevity)

Perhaps, one of the significant commitments that you will make is to remunerate yourself last, and at that, always consider (initially) the lowest possible amount. This will help ensure that you have a steady growth to the future. The economic mantra is to reinvest as much as you can (initially) into your business, remember even when you have a poor week, your drivers and employees will be the preferential creditor.

2. Company bulletins and information dissemination

With being a fleet operator, you will always listen and consider your employees concerns and their opinions about the route and the customer experience, including their personal issues and emptions. As a fleet operator, you will need to engage and foster effective and rational dialogue and try to always be proactive and help them with constructive solutions, irrespective of the source of the issue/problem. Always remember they are the first impression of your company and its vision and mission- and in most circumstances they will represent you, so ensure that you practise the management philosophy of “listening, acting and rewarding’ to fit the occasions..

3. Leadership and co-operation

The most important advice for existing and new fleet transporters is to always be a leader that your drivers (and the team) can look up to- in other words, inspire them and lead from the front. Inspiration is the concept of leading from the front, guide them to be the best they could be. Always encourage and be observant towards your staff and look for the next leader- somebody who wants to graduate out of being a company guy, that wants to do something more, someone with a passion and vision, and a sense of direction. Always look for the team leader who wants to aspire to be the group leader and the person who wants to go that next step and take the extra mile in discovery towards a sense of belonging.

4. Business environment and networking

Always encourage networking- and never be threatened by competitors, any competition is good. Being a loner as a business owner is a detriment to growing your business, and you rather have a small slice of a larger pie, than the largest slice of a small pie.

5. Affirmative encouragement

Always be positive even when- even things go wrong, encourage the “drive up” approach. Always consider the path to a solution, and remember all challenges are, a disguised opportunity to freedom and success. Always look at a problem in a positive way- ensure to be on the same page striving for the same team, with common goals.

6. Business objectives and expectations

Always be prepared to share your dreams and expectations and set realistic expectations. Prepare your team for the expectations you are looking for, and how you will contribute to holistic success and future development. Always keep on smiling, and ensure your sanity is intact.

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