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About Us

Transmissito.com is a new service that connects transport service providers with companies wanting to grow their business via a more efficient and prompt delivery service. Essentially the business is a booking platform and facilitates the meeting between two parties, and the customer being the ultimate winner. Transport service providers register via a free online portal, and companies who wish to ship their goods between point a to point b, also seek to find the best option available to them to efficiently ship their wares to their customers makes their booking with the transporters on the platform. The booking/ registration is completely free for both parties, the Transporters as well as the Company / Customer wishing to ship their goods. The app geo-searches for available work and loads that would otherwise be noted as “back filling” as well as any transport on demand requirements.



& Reliable





Local and Interstate




Difference in Transportation

Transmissito is dedicated towards providing all of its clients, shippers and carriers alike with reliable transportation services that they can trust. We do this by ensuring that we set a fixed price on particular loads and vehicles. Therefore, when shippers are creating a contract or when carriers are creating one, a clear price point is displayed on the screens with zero hidden charges to either.

We have a team of dedicated staff that has a mission to help our clients by providing them excellent services overall.


Ship with Ease

The size of your shipment doesn’t matter, your willingness to go the distance does and we can make it a reality!


Customer: B2B or B2C


Vehicle Tracking Services

A transportation company you can put your trust in.

Your relationship with Transmissito doesn’t end by finalizing a contract. We provide you vehicle tracking services while your contract is currently in session. This can help take of some of the edge that most clients face mid-deliveries.


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