Australia’s first “Transport on Demand” App

Freight app helps truckies

Find loads, get instant payment

When you think of supply chain logistics and finding your next load, Rick Govender wants there to only be one name you think of in Australia– and that’s TransMissito.

Mr Govender, a finance man who has worked as CFO for companies like Penske Australasia and other ASX listed entities, has teamed up with Brian Dissanayake and, David Benci, who have experience in sales and IT, to create a new app that makes life easier for truckies, transport companies and every other business that relies on using freight services.

Mr Govender is hoping the new tech start-up will change the shape of the transport industry.

He says the Transmissito app, which is available on both Apple and Android devices, will tick all the boxes for transporters struggling to find normal loads as well as backloads, and for those wanting instant payment terms and seeking a constant stream of customers.

He said the app is designed to be easy for both the customer and driver, allowing for both to get real time information about how to get their desired freight from A to B.

“All you have to do is open the app, type in where you want your freight to go to, what your freight weight is, and you will be advised, upfront, how much it will cost you and connect you with a driver/transporter in the area,” Mr Govender said.

He said the prices were calculated on a weight to kilometre ratio, giving drivers the security of a secure contract, with reduced pricing hassles later.

He said drivers were also able to choose which loads they wanted to transport, whether it would be a full load or even a half or several loads, and they would be paid in full on the day of the delivery.

Also, like other gig economy apps, customers will be able to rate and review drivers/ transport companies.

With a network of drivers and transporter companies across Australia signed up, Transmissito is inviting additional transport companies/truckies to register for its free app whilst simultaneously launching to customers.

“We are creating a robust network of operators all over the country linking freight operators to paying customers,”he said

Mr Govender said he be lieved the app would be the “perfect companion” for small, medium, and large businesses.

He said early adopters will be setting their businesses up for success in the new age of transport. For more information please visit www.transmissito.com.

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