How Our Drivers Stay Healthy On The Road

It can often prove to be a challenge for drivers on the road to remain healthy due to long hours of driving with few breaks. However, we have some major Intel from some of our own drivers on how they remain healthy while on the road. We have therefore compiled a list for all our trustworthy drivers because we care about your well-being!

Try Home Cooked or Self-Assembled Meals

One of the major hacks that our drivers told us was to lay off the fried foods that one may come across on the road. French fries and a cheeseburger may sound like a good idea on the road but just think of what it can do to your body on a daily basis! Try and alternate between fast food and self-assembled meals.

Keep Healthy Snacks in the Truck Compartments

Try to keep hard-boiled eggs, fruit cups, fruit salads and some celery with peanut butter in the glove compartment of your truck. You never know when these healthy snacks may come in handy on the road.

Practicing Short Quick Exercises

Does your leg fall asleep often on the road? Though it may seem harmless, it can actually be life-threatening if this occurs while you are driving amid heavy traffic. It doesn’t hurt to take short breaks where you can use the restroom and take a short powerwalk to get the blood flowing in your body.

Remember to Stay Hydrated

It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated while on the road. If it wasn’t that, then there is the matter of fizzy drinks! Chilled fizzy drinks may seem attractive and thirst-quenching when you are parched but they increase your body’s dehydration rate. Remember that fizzy drinks cannot alternate for water, which is something you’ll need more than ever on the road.

Get Some Shut Eye

Not getting enough sleep during a long drive can trigger stress and anxiety in drivers. If you want to avoid this, then make sleep a priority. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night so that you can remain active and alert while on the road.

Keep Your Brain Active

Try listening to podcasts, music or even audiobooks on the road to keep your mind active and energized while driving. Maybe even listen to some country music to keep things upbeat!

So what is your ultimate hack for staying energized while on the road?

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