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How are the prices generated?

The biggest worry that transporters face is the rate that they get for shipments. Transmissito provides users with upfront pricings so that it eliminates the possibility of haggling in the middle of a contract. This feature also allows our transporters and customers to be more secure with their contracts and reduces time-wastage.

How does the app work and what are the benefits to the Customer and Transporter?

The Transporters are initially sourced and registered online, and they are approved after perusal of the transportation and insurance paperwork. Essentially they are registered transporters and comply with all the necessary legal and statutory requirements to operate as a transporter.

Key Benefits To Transporters

Transportation on demand You have the ability to accept or reject jobs as they become available. You are in total control of your profitability and back filling requirements. This enable you to speed up your process and ability to generate additional income. Facilitating your independence more quickly and with less stress, and better results.
Cost effectiveness Your business is totally effective- facilitating a better ROI, and NP.
Safe environment You can carry the cargo you prefer, at the time and place of your choice.
Fewer disputes You can communicate directly with the supplier of the cargo- enhancing bi-lateral communications.


Customers initially check if they have any preferential transporters on the app, otherwise they have an ability to place an open order to any or next available transporters.


Please communicate with a staff member and we will help you further.

Key Benefits To Customers

Faster product to market The customer can “make available” their product to the ultimate customer at a more efficient and timely manner.  This enhances the process of real time marketing, so they achieve greater market penetration, more quickly and with less stress.
Reasonable market related investment The cost to market could never be a quantifiable value, however market research indicates that the current fee proposal is market related.
Safe transport of cargo All transport providers are industry leaders, in their own right. These businesses have been successful over a long term, and are proficient to cargo transportation, albeit from a B2B or B2C environment.
Fewer disputes You have total control, and have an ability to oversee your cargo, and have direct access to the transporter- with full communication details and data.

How to get started

Simple, just register your details online and we will be in touch.

What kind of equipment do transporters need?

As a transporter, just the basic equipment associated with cartage and delivery work, and the ability and use of the app.

For the Customer, just register your details and use the app. (or reach out to a Transmisitto staff member).

How do I get in touch with Transmisitto?

Refer to the contacts page for further information


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