Transmissito’s App Makes the Onboarding Process Much Smoother for Carriers Worldwide

We have constantly been upgrading our app to provide our users with improved navigational features across our services. We continue to roll out updates that makes things just a bit easier for transporters and customers every time. Qualified transporters can easily sign up and move inventory locally and interstate with the help of Transmissito’s services.

Sign up, Get Approved

Using Transmissito’s services is easy and pretty straight-forward. However, we would like to add that there is a screening process involved for every carrier that signs up with our services so that we can ensure the security and safety of our goods at all costs.

Criteria for Signing Up

Information that we will require may include insurance details and operating authority information. Once you meet our requirements as a transporter, you will become verified at Transmissito and will be able to book/accept shipments directly from Transmissito’s mobile application.

Why Our Security Protocols Exist

We understand that people often have bad experiences when it comes to truck deliveries which is why we aim to do better than our competitors in the market. Our security protocols and sign up screening processes exist so we can maintain our standard of services and cultivate better and long-lasting business relationships with our clients, shippers and transporters alike.

Automated Onboarding

The reason why Transmissito has an automated Onboarding process is to allow users to bypass traditional and tedious paperwork that comes with signing up on paper. This way, we save our users some valuable time that can otherwise be spent focused on the shipments.

Are you ready to sign up?

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